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Vedvidhyalaya It is one of the prime objectives of Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan to encourage study of Vedas, Vedanta’s (branches of Vedas), and Sanskrit language which is a very useful and only medium for learning Vedic literature. Actually, the work of studying Vedas is going on very well in Vedic schools supported by the Pratishthan. However, though it is not the only objective of Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan to run our Vedic schools, our schools either promoted or actually run by the Pratishthan are relentlessly advancing on the path of progress.

In our Vedvidhyalaya, needless to say, Vedas and their branches are studied in right earnest. Besides, education in languages like Sanskrit, Hindi also is imparted to the students. A student of our Vedic schools is expected to be a cultured, well-read, iron-willed leader of the society in future. His just being a Vedic scholar is not enough if he has to emerge winner in present circumstances. Hence, in our schools, conscious efforts are being taken to ensure all-round development of the students.

Currently, there are as many as one Vedvidhyalaya run by the Shri Bagon Wale Devta Ved Vidhyalaya Anna Kshetra Samiti Reg. in Jwalapur Haridwar. Among this Vedvidhyalaya, the one, which proves to be the best learning centre, receives ‘Ideal Vedvidhyalaya’ award. During Vedic workshops, depth of every student in Vedic studies is gauged and professionally examined by renowned Vedic scholars in the country. Only after their nod, the deserving students receive ‘Ideal Vedic Student’ award as well as the scholarship.

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