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Hawan And Pujan
Hawan Hawan :
A Havan is a sacred fire ceremony in which various forms of the Divine gods and Demi-gods are invoked in a sacred fire that has been kindled according to the guidelines in the Vedic scriptures.

Certain special offerings are made into the fire while Sanskrit Mantras are chanted. The combination of the powerful energy of the fire and the Sanskrit mantras creates extremely auspicious and purifying vibrations that are beneficial to all who attend the Hawan. The smoke that rises from a Hawan contains a powerful healing energy, and as it rises to the heavens it purifies the atmosphere, both physically and subtly, encouraging a peaceful environment and gentle weather. Every kind of negative karma can be purified by the sacred Hawan fire, due to divine grace.

Hawan Puja :
Shri Bagon Wale Devta Vedvidhyalaya Annakeshetra Samiti Reg. performs Puja and Vedic rituals like hawan along with japa for people all over the world who are spiritual minded and want to perform different Pujas and Homas for good Health and Prosperity or want to gift a Puja for their loved ones. We understand the limitations of people when they write in to us that they are short of resources, time and the right people to do these rituals for them. Shri Bagon Wale Devta Vedvidhyalaya Annakeshetra Samiti Reg. has a team of highly specialized Pandits who perform these rituals for People far and wide with much sincerity and devotion.

We perform different types of pujas and highly specialized hawan, Remedial pujas and hawan with utmost sincerity with the clear intention to provide the necessary relief to the Devotee from the existing malefic planetary transits and positioning. We urge you to book these pujas and leave the rest to us.

these things are used in puja :
  • Pictures of Ma Laxmi or other gods placed in an altar area.
  • Incense sticks lit.
  • Cotton wicks used in oil lamps.
  • Honey, sugar, etc. offered to gods and then, post-puja, to people as prasadam.
  • Cardamoms, cloves, etc. used in making another kind of food offering - a sweet rice or tapioca pudding.
  • Red and white powders applied to pictures or statues of gods, and to foreheads of people.
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